How to be well equipped to ride a motorcycle?

Riding a two-wheeler requires being well equipped from head to toe. Motorcycle equipment not only ensures your safety on the road, but also your comfort during travel. Moreover, certain accessories are mandatory to ride a motorcycle. It is therefore essential to choose approved and certified accessories. But what are the important accessories for riding a motorcycle?

What equipment is necessary to ride a motorcycle?

Before riding a two-wheeler, it is necessary, even mandatory, to be well equipped. There is a wide range of motorcycle equipment on the market. Some are mandatory and others are optional. Among those required are helmets, vests and gloves. However, the purchase of these motorcycle accessories must follow the standards imposed by legislation. They must then be homologated and certified according to international standards. On you can find helmets and gloves at low prices and of high quality. Optional equipment includes motorcycle pants, jacket, back protector, underwear, etc. The wearing of the latter is not essential, but is worn according to the comfort sought by the biker. However, to ensure optimal safety on board a two-wheeler, it is best to arm yourself from head to toe. The purchase of these accessories must then be done in a specialized store or on a specialized online site to ensure compliance with the legislation. Checking the label indicating product certification should then be your priority when purchasing your personal belongings. Also favor French brands to ensure better comfort on board your motorcycle or scooter.

How to choose your motorcycle helmet and gloves?

The choice of helmet and gloves are among the most important choices concerning motorcycle equipment. Since both are mandatory equipment, it is essential to choose them carefully. When choosing a helmet, the first criterion you must take into account is homologation. When purchasing a helmet, check the label attached to the chinstrap. The CE or NF homologation accompanied by four retro-reflective stickers must then appear on it to avoid a fine on the road. Exceptionally, for a modular helmet, there must be a "P" and "J" certification on the label. The P corresponds to "Protect" and the J corresponds to "Jet". As for the gloves, they must meet the CE certification for both the driver and the passenger. To avoid fines, they must comply with the CE 89/686 standard. To ensure your comfort, choose branded gloves. Also take into account the size of your gloves when you buy them to prevent them from squeezing you too tight.

What clothes and shoes should I choose to ride my motorcycle properly?

The choice of equipment for the body and feet is essential to ensure safety and comfort on the road. To do so, you must have a jacket and motorcycle pants. The first criterion to take into account when choosing clothing is the season. Each season has its own specific clothing. During the rainy season for example, it is better to choose a PVC or waterproof suit for better protection. In winter, choose leather jackets to keep you warm. However, leather can be worn in all seasons because of its noble material. For the choice of motorcycle pants, it is better to go for reinforced jeans and classic motorcycle pants. The advantage of jeans lies in the comfort and warmth that it brings especially in the winter period. Moreover, motorcycle jeans are equipped with stretch inserts, which gives the motorcycle equipment a certification as PPE. As for the protection of the feet, it is necessary to choose high shoes or boots. They provide better protection against fractures in the event of an accident and offer optimal protection for the shin and legs.
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