How to choose your motocross equipment ?

If riding a motorcycle on regular roads is a rather risky activity. The moto cross in road-off is even more so. For this, you have to be well equipped, from head to toe, to ride freely without putting yourself in danger.

Choosing the right helmet: Optimal protection and safety

Among the motocross equipment essential for your safety, the helmet occupies an essential place. As long as you choose a model adapted to your size. You don't need to rely on a specific size, as each brand has its own measurements. To be sure of your choice, know that the helmet must remain fixed even if you move your head vertically and horizontally. Choose a light weight so as not to damage your cervical vertebrae. Ideally, it should not exceed 1300 g. Next, check whether your helmet is equipped with a foam system that you can easily remove for washing. The D buckle is also essential, especially if you compete. Finally, choose your mask last. It must fit the helmet perfectly so as not to interfere with the riding. Need a helmet and a seven mx suit? Click here for more information.

Find the perfect motocross outfit

For a men's motocross outfit or a women's motocross outfit, aesthetic criteria are very important. But before all that, there are the technical characteristics of the cross suit that must be checked first. The right jersey will fit your shape while remaining flexible enough to allow you to move freely. The same principle applies to the pants, which must be made of a robust yet light material. A padding at the crotch will give you a better comfort and will absorb the shocks. The jacket or jacket will protect you from bad weather. For more practicality, they should have pockets where you can put your papers and other necessities.

Motocross equipment and accessories

When practicing cross-country, foot support is an essential element in the control of your apparatus. Choose boots that offer optimal support for your ankles and sufficient protection for your shins. Once these characteristics are present, you can then focus on the aesthetic aspect. This will allow you to compose an outfit where all the pieces are nicely matched. But the elements of a seven mx outfit don't stop there! There is no question of adding ornamental elements as you would do for an ordinary outfit that you would wear every day. Every piece you buy should provide more comfort and protection. Among the accessories that you should buy are knee pads that will give you better support for the joints that are most stressed in this sport activity. Wearing gloves can be a great way to better control your motorcycle. Choose a sturdy and handy model that will keep you warm and prevent blisters and friction. Finally, don't forget that to get the most out of this sport, you need to be as free as possible. To do this, a stone guard, also called a bib, protects your chest and gives you almost unlimited freedom of movement. Once you wear it, there's no stopping you!
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