How to renovate an old motorcycle?

Restoring an old motorcycle seems, at first sight, fun. However, it is a long process that requires dedication, organization, mechanical skills and a few tools. But, for the most part, it is accessible to the average owner with good mechanical skills and a lot of determination. But how do you rejuvenate a vintage motorcycle?

Where do you start?

Restoration will require many hours of work in a workshop. It is therefore logical that it should be well-lit, well-ventilated and arranged with safety in mind. We cannot stress enough the interest of research in this kind of adventure. Before buying a classic car for possible refurbishment, the potential owner should investigate the make and model to determine its suitability, from a financial and economic point of view. Spending €10,000 and 500 hours on a machine that will be worth half of it is not common sense. After the acquisition, you can start the disassembly. But don't forget that you have to reassemble it later. Some parts will be replaced, some restored and some simply cleaned.

How to avoid the delay?

When it comes time to reassemble the motorcycle, it can be very frustrating to wait for parts to come back from plating or powder coating. Therefore, it is advisable to send parts for plating as soon as possible to avoid delays in the "re-assembly" process. Old wiring can cause all kinds of problems. If there is any doubt about the integrity of the wiring, it should be replaced or you can manufacture a new wiring harness. Ensuring good electrical contact will guarantee the reliability of this very important system. Also remove your spark plugs and check their condition. If they are really dirty and you don't really know where the ignition terminal is, you should probably replace them.

How do I find parts that I can't find?

Replacing rare parts can be a big challenge. These types of parts found during disassembly need to be replaced quickly. The best way is to go to a specialized dealer. But you can also search on the internet. Beware of scams. Finally, pay attention to the details. An incorrectly tightened bolt can cause a breakdown. This kind of problem can even affect professionals. You have completed the basic elements of a renovation. Now it's time to add customizations. The work is long and arduous, but the satisfaction of restoring an old motorcycle is worth the sacrifice.
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