Motorcycle jacket: which materials to choose?

The motorcycle jacket is not only an aesthetic accessory, it is also above all a thermal barrier against cold and bad weather. Because of its role, it is a natural part of the motorcyclist's gear. If it is a criterion of choice on which the users linger, it is indeed the material which is used for its design. At this level, we can see that there is a vast selection to sort through, but certain materials stand out and deserve our attention.

The different types of jackets

There is a wide range of motorcycle jackets including leather, textile and synthetic jackets. You will find models of motorcycle jackets on, a dedicated site that offers a rich catalog. Leather is robust and resistant on the long term. It is the material par excellence. Even if its purchase price is often higher, it is still a guarantee in terms of durability. It is important to take care of it to keep its properties intact. Textile jackets are less resistant than leather but require less maintenance and some can be machine processed. With a motorcycle jacket in this material, you will feel comfortable from the first use. As far as ergonomics are concerned, these products are irreproachable. Their use is even more interesting in the summer season. As for the synthetic jackets, they are made of nylon thread. They are suitable for scooter or two-wheeler users in urban areas. These jackets are ideal in case of rain because of their excellent waterproofness. Generally, a motorcycle tracksuit is reinforced, waterproof and windproof. In addition, it is breathable and has a removable lining. It has good abrasion resistance. It is often equipped with tightening and ventilation.

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket?

To choose a motorcycle jacket, start by taking into account the tightness. In fact, check the possibilities of adjustment, it goes in the direction of better ergonomics. This way, when you reduce the wind grip, you will feel less flapping. Also, take into account the pockets on the jacket. Indeed, they are a great help in everyday life. You won't have to carry your backpack anymore, if your jacket is well equipped. You can put either your phone or your papers in the internal pockets. Your choice should also be motivated by the air resistance of your motorcycle jacket. Indeed, the protection of the motorcyclist against bad weather and cold must be the first role of this type of clothing. Opt for a model tightened at the wrists is recommended. In addition, you should prefer jackets with a high collar and a padded lining. Technical materials or thick linings, or a jacket with "thermo-alu" insulation that keeps the heat close to the body are recommended in winter. You should not skimp on the waterproofing of the motorcycle jacket. Indeed, it is a key criterion in your choice. The item you want to buy must meet the European standard EN 13595. In addition, the equipment must have reinforcements at the shoulders and elbows, and have back protection for added safety. It should not go up too much in your back.

The motorcycle jacket: what are the prices?

It should be noted that the price range is very wide. Indeed, the material has a much greater influence on the cost of the product. The factors that determine the price are the finish of the motorcycle jacket, the options and the technicality. The price of a leather jacket, for example, can vary between 180 and 700 euros. It should be noted that this depends largely on the chosen leather. The quality of the lining and the different treatments it has undergone also play a role. As for the price of textile jackets, they start at 90 € and can go up to 500 €. This variation can be explained by the specificity of the materials and the options offered. However, most textile jackets are priced between €100 and €250.
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