Why choose a Modular Headset?

The modular headset is a headset that, as its name suggests, can be transformed. Therefore, it can benefit from the advantages of a jet helmet and those of a full face helmet. To put it simply, it is just a helmet all the more practical. The modular helmet differs from the others precisely because of this faculty. It has a removable chin strap system, which can be tilted at the back of the helmet or over the forehead depending on the model or brand. It is important to know that the majority of modular motorcycle helmets are homologated for both integral and jet use. This is particularly important from a safety point of view. There are several reasons why it is better to choose a modular helmet.

Perfect for scooters or motorcycles

Whether you have a scooter or a motorcycle, the adjustable motorcycle helmet is perfect for two-wheelers. This type of helmet fits everyone. It is also much more effective than other types of helmets. However, for more convenience and safety, prefer one with dual certification. In other words, it is not only approved for the jet format, but also for the full format. To find out if a modular helmet is certified for both formats, you must find a mention of the P/J standard on the label of the helmet. This way, it can guarantee you better safety in case of an accident. It should also be noted that with a modular helmet, you can ride anywhere in the city in jet mode or on the road in full mode. In fact, all it takes is a simple push of a conversion button to switch your equipment from one mode to the other. If for budgetary reasons, you buy a non-approved modular motorcycle helmet, use it preferably with the chin strap closed to improve your safety.

Advantages of an approved or non-approved adjustable motorcycle helmet

If your adjustable motorcycle helmet is not certified in jet mode, for example, you should know that it still has some advantages. With this kind of accessory, you can breathe better when you stop at a red light for example or in traffic jams. You can turn it into a jet helmet to catch your breath. Apart from that, you also have the option of not taking it off completely when you have to do some small errands. No need to leave it on your two-wheeler, you enter the store, take off the chin strap and buy what you want. A modular helmet, even one that is not approved for jet mode, is also effective for scooter riders or motorcyclists who wear glasses. This guarantees them better visibility and riding comfort. It's even more practical to be able to put your glasses on your nose without having to remove your helmet. This kind of situation is not possible with a full-face helmet.

Available in two models

Modular motorcycle helmets are offered in 2 distinct models. You have on one side the urban models and on the other side the road modular helmet models. These 2 forms of helmets are different only on certain points, in particular the material and the price. An urban helmet is generally made of polycarbonate or injected plastic. It is much less expensive than the other. In addition, it is very resistant and is perfectly suitable for trips in the city for example. As for the road helmet, it is much stronger, more durable and more efficient. It is made with a super-light fiber shell. This gives it excellent aerodynamics. Of course, it is more expensive than the previous model of modular helmet.
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