Why prefer the leather motorcycle suit?

Having a motorcycle suit is essential for any two-wheeled machine user. And for good reason, having such equipment allows effective protection of the body against impacts, in case of accident or fall. And although this accessory is available in a plethora of models, it should be noted that more and more motorcyclists nowadays prefer to use a leather motorcycle suit for their travels. In concrete terms, what are the reasons that can justify such a preference? Here are some elements of answer!

A real plus in terms of safety

One of the major arguments that make leather the ideal material for a motorcycle suit is the fact that such a choice optimizes the protection and safety of the driver. Why is that? Simply because, unlike textiles, leather does not tear when it comes into contact with asphalt. Although it can be scratched, the leather suit retains its integrity in impacts, and protects the motorcyclist's body from abrasion or scratches in the event of a fall or accident. However, for maximum efficiency, it's best to opt for a motorcycle suit made of really thick leather with really strong seams. Special attention should be paid to the seams, as they are usually the biggest weakness of any motorcycle suit made of leather.

Significantly better durability

Because of its very high strength, leather also has the advantage of being durable and reusable. Unlike textile biker gear, which is good to throw away in case of accidents, leather can be reused without any harm. This material ages much better than fabric, and above all can be repaired without great difficulty, making the leather motorcycle suit a real long-term investment. However, other precautionary measures must be taken in case of long trips, especially with children.

A question of aesthetics

Opting for leather for your motorcycle suit is also a very stylish choice. It is indeed a classy and truly aesthetic material, which, in addition to optimal protection, gives the rider a beautiful and chic look throughout the motorcycle ride. What's more, this material has the advantage of being easy to maintain, as long as you know how to take care of it properly!

Relatively easy maintenance

To age in good conditions, the leather should be cleaned, preferably with microfiber wipes. Those of light color are more recommended for the cleaning of a motorcycle suit soiled by kilometers. After impregnation with a mixture of warm water and crystal vinegar, the entire surface of the leather should be rubbed gently, focusing on the dirtiest areas of the leather, in this case the seams. It is not recommended to use the green back of the sponge, or any other abrasive material to clean the suit even when dirt is heavily embedded, as this may permanently mark the leather. Instead, rinse the cloth as soon as it starts to get dirty (to avoid spreading the dirt) and patiently continue cleaning until the motorcycle suit is back to its original cleanliness. Then, just make one last pass with the wipe soaked only in clear water this time, to remove any residue, and drive away the sour smell.
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