Adaptable motorcycle mirrors, brackets, adapters…

Adaptable motorcycle mirrors have been among the most popular models for several decades. The main reason for this is its versatility. But what's really special about it?

The different types of mirrors

Mirrors are essential elements for your safety. They make it possible to see another vehicle coming and to turn safely while avoiding being hit from behind. There are several types of mirrors for motorcycles. First of all, there are those that are directly mounted on the handlebars, they are called "adaptable mirrors". Then there are those that are mounted at the end, which connoisseurs know as "handlebar tip mirrors". And finally there are the sports mirrors that are commonly known as "fairing mirrors". Depending on the model, this accessory differs from one another in terms of how it is attached.

The method of attaching the adaptable mirror

Usually, your motorcycle's mirrors are mounted on the handlebars of your motorcycle or on its front fairing. The adaptable mirror support mounted on the handlebar is held in place with an adjusting nut. Make sure the mirrors can move freely, but are not too loose to move with the wind. Before adjusting your mirrors, however, quickly review your posture and (if necessary) your riding position. It may not make much difference to your field of vision, but it will not only optimize the positioning of your mirror, but it will provide a level of comfort that will help you be attentive while driving. While your posture depends on the type of motorcycle, you generally need to be upright and centered.

Other criteria to take into account

Approved motorcycle mirrors have many types of accessories. First of all, there are the mirror extensions, whose function is to extend the length of the rod for a better view of the driver. There are also the brackets for your viewfinder that allow you to install the mirrors on motorcycle models that do not have adequate parts. Finally, there are mirror adapters that allow you to readjust the threads of the accessory. When you buy your adaptable mirror model, there are other elements that you should consider such as the shape, size, length or LED light on the sides of your mirror.
Motorcycle mirrors: universal mirrors, adaptable models

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