Choosing motorbike gloves: winter motorbike gloves

Motorbike gloves are essential accessories for safety and comfort reasons. They are now compulsory because they are a very technical piece of equipment when you ride a motorbike. When the cold weather arrives, you need something to keep you warm. In the face of this climatic condition, especially the cold, it is best to cover yourself with warm materials that offer comfort as well as protection. In any case, it is necessary to choose your winter gloves carefully.

Representation of a winter motorbike glove

The outer coating of motorbike gloves is specially designed in textiles, leathers or mixed. The leathers used to make BMW gloves come in many types, mainly goat leather, cow leather and even kangaroo leather. The abrasion side of this material is very advantageous in case of a fall. Underneath this outer shell you will find a lining made of synthetic materials. This can be fleece, polyester... Some manufacturers offer their own solution to make the glove lining very special. The lining can keep your hands warm but underneath there should be a membrane that ensures that it is waterproof and can also wick away perspiration. The quilted padding of this membrane ensures warmth, while the aluminium foil helps to maintain constant warmth. A latex film is also used as a barrier against rain. 

Choose gloves that are neither too short nor too narrow for winter

Although you know the main components of a winter motorbike glove, you still need to choose the right models for your hand. Select motorbike gloves with a small gap at the fingertips to prevent perspiration from stagnating and to limit the feeling of cold. This allows the air inside to circulate properly so that perspiration can be eliminated without you having to change the thermal quality of your gloves. If you choose gloves that are too tight and too short, you won't be able to wear undergloves and your fingertips may freeze.

Which motorbike glove for which use?

In winter, even though the cold weather sets in, it doesn't have the same impact as when you're riding in the city or when you are on the motorway. Therefore, you should choose your motorbike gloves according to where you are travelling. If you are a city rider, choose soft gloves that allow you to feel the controls and handlebars of the motorbike. On the other hand, it is advisable to keep gloves that keep warm in case you go on motorbike trips.
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