Jet motorbike helmet: the advantages

There are different types of helmets. Whether it's a full-face helmet, a bowl helmet, a modular helmet or a sport helmet. But as summer approaches, bikers prefer to turn to jet motorbike helmets like the BMWbowler helmet. It is in fact a light and well-ventilated helmet. It is open at the front.

 What is a jet helmet?

The jet helmet is easily recognisable by the J certification on the reserved label. It is a very open helmet. It can provide either a sun shield, a main shield, or both. Logically, the jet can provide a lot of airflow and is louder than a closed helmet. As you move up the range, the helmets get even better with more comfort. Some jet helmets offer a face mask or a movable chin strap that covers the lower face, but in case of impact, they cannot protect you. These models with a chin strap have a separate European certification: they are marked NP or non-protective, so you can't get mistaken at the level of safety provided. Visit BMW Europe Moto to find a highly protective BMW helmet.

The jet helmet: light and comfortable

The jet helmet has many advantages, especially in the hot summer. In addition to maximum ventilation, it can also offer a wider field of vision. Its lightness - usually weighing no more than about one kilogram - is always appreciated. All of these features provide maximum comfort, which is preferred by all motorbike riders when it comes to riding serenely, peacefully and quietly. Finally, these helmets give people a more relaxed look. Please note that there are different types of jet helmets in terms of price, material, colour, comfort, style, or shape. Therefore, there is something for every taste and budget.

Jet helmets: practical and very attractive

In addition to lightness and comfort, the BMWbowler helmet has several other advantages. This is why it is so popular with motorcyclists. It is very practical: very easy to put on and take off. It is also very practical with putting on other accessories such as a Bluetooth helmet or glasses even if you are already wearing the helmet. The jet helmet is open at the front, which is very suitable for people with claustrophobia. It also looks good and can be worn by experienced scooter riders and motorcyclists who ride at moderate speeds and mainly in urban areas.
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