Which exhaust for my motorbike?

When it comes to talking about motorbike parts, the exhaust system is an indispensable subject. It is in fact a customisable device that plays a big role in the design of your bike. Moreover, manufacturers focus a lot on it. Having an exhaust system with a good look and sound is a source of pride when you are a motorcyclist. But which exhaust should you choose for your BMW motorbike?

Muffler and full line: how to choose?

The muffler is an integral part of a two-wheeler. It makes a motorbike more personal and aesthetic through its appearance and the sound it generates. As far as the complete line is concerned, it consists of a silencer, a collector, a catalyst and an intermediate pipe. As well as improving the performance of your motorbike, it can reduce or increase the weight, depending on the model you choose. It is the manifold that has the greatest impact on the performance of a complete line. Whatever your needs, bmw.europe-moto.com has a wide range of choices where you can find the right part for your motorbike exhaust.

Muffler and complete line: which material to choose?

There are many materials available for your motorbike exhaust silencer. If you're the type who enjoys racing, opt for a carbon muffler. Not only does this material look good, but it also dissipates the temperature of the muffler to prevent serious burns to the rider. There is also the stainless-steel muffler which is heavier than the carbon one. It offers more safety and a longer service life. Finally, the titanium muffler is known for its durability and attractiveness, but requires a large budget compared to other materials and is not resistant to moisture. For the complete line, the manifold is usually made of stainless steel or metal and may or may not have a catalyst. When you buy from Akrapovic exhaust BMW Motorcycle, you will receive tailor-made advice on the right silencer material for your two-wheeler. 

Motorbike exhaust: don't overlook the brand

Since the motorbike exhaust is a key element, it is important to ensure its quality. To do this, it is highly recommended that you go for the big brands such as Akrapovic. This is actually a manufacturer of exhaust systems in Slovenia. It is now a global supplier and the Akrapovič system is used in the 38th World Racing Championship. You can find this specific brand for BMW motorbike exhaust on the Internet.
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