Which motorbike GPS to choose in 2021?

To avoid getting lost with your motorbike on major roads or trails, it is ideal to use a motorbike GPS. It is a device usually attached to the handlebars of your motorbike, with a screen through which you can see the map of the place where you are located. Also, a motorbike GPS can show you the way to your destination. With some models, you can get a real-time look at the traffic situation or the weather conditions if they are good. If you are planning to buy a motorbike GPS, there are a few things you need to consider so that you can successfully find the model that meets your needs and preferences. Features a motorbike GPS should have There are many models of motorbike GPS units available on the market. You can buy one from online shops or from specialist physical shops. A motorbike GPS must have certain essential features. These include legibility, ergonomics and waterproofing. For you to be able to see clearly, the information displayed on the screen must be perfectly legible. These devices have specially designed screens, unlike smartphones which have less contrast, especially if you use them in the sun. Test the readability of the device first before you buy. As far as ergonomics are concerned, the motorbike GPS should be easy to use without having to remove your gloves. Since they are intended for outdoor use, motorbike GPS units should be robust and weatherproof. You can click here for more information if you are planning to buy a motorbike GPS. Other optional features You can choose motorbike GPS units that have extensive mapping. These models are expensive compared to models with only French mapping for example. If you are more of a traveller, you can choose a device with a larger memory that can hold all the detailed mapping of Europe. Other options are also available, such as voice guidance. Please note that for safety reasons, the use of headset on the road has been forbidden since 2015. You can however connect your intercom system to the device as it is extra auricular. About the power supply You can choose a motorbike GPS that is powered by an internal battery. It just needs to have enough battery life for the duration of your journey. If you're a long-distance rider, you can use a power bank, for example, to recharge it along the way, which isn't very practical. On the other hand, there are motorbike GPS models that use your motorbike's battery, which is ideal for long journeys.
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