Are quad mirrors mandatory?

Do you need to make sure before you take your road to ride your beautiful quad safely? Or don't you know what equipment is mandatory to be more quiet and stay out of danger? We'll tell you more throughout this article.

Mandatory equipment to ride a quad

Before you take off and take a ride on your new quad, make sure you are well equipped. First, you should wear gloves. Because the first reflex of a human being when he falls down is to lean on his hands. Gloves will protect you from serious injuries and temperature variations. Choose the types of gloves you need according to the season, for example winter gloves, summer gloves, sports gloves ... Then, you should wear helmets that will protect your head in a possible road accident. Choose them carefully according to your size. Don't forget the goggles that go with it. Then you should also wear covering clothes, they are often made of very resistant leather. They will keep you warm. Characterized by reinforcements at the knees and arms, they are also equipped with back protection. Finally, don't forget boots for your ankles, they exist in tons and with different brands.

Mirrors for quad bikes

All motor vehicles must be equipped with two mirrors according to the French highway code. Quads are therefore part of this requirement. And this, so that the driver can watch what is happening behind him on the road and notice the vehicles that will pass him or not. The absence of a rear-view mirror is an offence. But there can be an original model of quad or motorcycle with only one rear-view mirror. However, be careful, the wearing of a quad or motorcycle with a broken rear-view mirror is punishable by law with a fine of 68 euros. But don't worry! There are many types of mirrors adapted to your style of quad and at a price accessible to all.

Mirrors for motorcycle scooters

According to article R316-6 of the French highway code, a motorcycle scooter should at least be equipped with a left-hand side mirror. Its use is reassuring and is part of the safety devices for the driver. There may be many ranges of them at your usual dealers or in supermarkets, it's up to you to choose what suits you best. Prefer the one that matches your motorcycle, depending on colors, layout and other conditions.
How to adjust and change the mirrors of a scooter?

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