How to adjust and change the mirrors of a scooter?

Would you like to adjust and replace the mirrors on your scooter? Learn how to do it to ensure your safety on the road and to awaken your passion for mechanics. In this article, you will see the various techniques for adjusting and changing mirrors that are useful to you.

What to do before replacing your mirrors

The change is radical if the mirrors are no longer adjusted enough to hold them in place. When buying new mirrors, choose tactfully. These accessories help refine the design of the motorcycle while ensuring a good field of vision for the rider. So, before mounting them, cleaning the glue surfaces is a very important step. It must be carried out carefully with detergent products such as solvent or alcohol to facilitate the task.

Steps to follow to change mirrors

There are two steps to replace the mirrors on two-wheeled vehicles: the removal of the old mirrors and the installation of the new ones. When disassembling, it is preferable to use specific corresponding tools such as the star wrench to remove the star screw. However, the screws and bolts that support the mirror may have other aspects: round head screws, or flat screws. So if you can afford a toolbox it would be ideal. Otherwise, find out what kind of parts your scooter has and buy only the essentials. The installation of the mirrors is exactly the same as the disassembly but in reverse. Don't venture to try other techniques to avoid loosening the threads.

What you should know during disassembly

When you need to change a motorcycle mirror, you need to be familiar with the proper parts. First of all, there are many varieties of adapters, so you need to know which type of adapter is right for your motorcycle. This is the case of the adapter not male right of m10/125, not female left of m10/125. Then, to be able to install your mirror you need a suitable support. Is it a collar mirror, a round chrome mirror, or a right oval suit mirror? Finally, given the fragility of this tool, its change must be done carefully. But a motorcycle has no bodywork, and the safety of the driver must not be neglected. Even if you have the state-of-the-art rear view mirror with integrated functions that allow you to see and be informed in real time of traffic, wearing a helmet is still mandatory.
Are quad mirrors mandatory?

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